St. Martin's Church Desford 

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Rev. Gareth Hutchinson

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our Church would like to see in Desford the following..

A Church built on "Tangible Love" for God and our neighbour, which becomes, by nature, evangelistic in caring for others – spiritually and socially, based on the quote: "they’ll know that we are Christians by our love".
Issuing from this will be numerical growth. The Church should have a visible witness to the community.
A Church that accepts the tradition of the Church of England, committed to using it’s liturgy, and other appropriate forms of worship, embracing a healing ministry, through meaningful rites of passage encouraging spiritual development.
A Church celebrating festivals, as well as other occasions, with appropriate style including traditional and more recent music, embracing drama etc. and therefore attracting all people, young and old in an evangelistic way.
A Church teaching the Faith and encouraging regular worship, therefore securing and expanding groups addressing the particular needs of the very young through to the older population of our community.
This will effect a total pastoral frame for toddlers, children, young people and adults.
A Church Community committed to a confidence in prayer and generous in stewardship in providing for the financial needs of the community through to realistic support in world beyond the parish boundary.
A Lay, accredited ministry team which incorporates Readers, Pastoral Assistants, Visitors, Counsellors, as part of an already developing team which embraces many gifts.
A Church that continues and establishes good links with the Free Church, within our Benefice, and developing links (as appropriate) with other local Church denominations,
and therefore realise a deepening commitment to Unity and Witness to Christ in our local communities.
What do Christians belive in?
God's Love -We believe that, although the world contains much suffering, God is a God of love who made the universe and who loves everybody in it.
Our world - Often confuses us, on the one hand there is the beauty of the creation, and examples of our love for that creation and for each other. On the other hand there is suffering, hate and death graphically shown to us in the media every day.
he cause of this confusion is the breakdown of the relationship between God and his world. This is why God often seems so distant to us at times.
Jesus Christ - We believe that God was hurt when he saw what we were doing with his creation and to ourselves. We believe that he sent his Son Jesus Christ to be our saviour, that he:
He was born of the Virgin Mary
He lived an absolutely perfect life
He had power over nature
He healed people and raised the dead
He was betrayed, crucified, died and was buried and rose again on the first Easter Day
That through the cross, God paid the debt we have with him and gave us all a chance for eternal life.
We believe that the eternal life that Jesus promised can be obtained by a belief in God, his Son Jesus Christ and by following the two great commandments. That we love the Lord our God with all our hearts,
with all our soul, with all our mind and with all our strength and that we Love our neighbour as ourselves.
The Bible – We believe that the bible is a unique record of God's relationship with the world. through its pages we learn especially about Jesus and the important things he said and did.
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