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    Message from Reverend Gareth Hutchinson

    Hello St Martin’s and St Bart’s,
    We were asked to write a few words to say “hello” and share a little bit about ourselves, although we hope it won’t be too long until we can meet you in person.  
    Laura, Noah, Eli and I are all very excited about coming to join you in the near future.  We have been based at Church of the Martyrs in Westcotes for the past three years, having previously lived and studied at Trinity College Bristol.  We’re a fairly mixed bunch with Laura originating from Sheffield, Gareth born in Northern Ireland but has lived all over the UK, then Noah and Eli both born in Swindon, but having lived in Bristol and now Leicester. 

    As a family, among us we have interests in tennis, climbing, hiking, hot-chocolate& cake, and walking the dog (a Miniature Schnauzer named Millie).  Gareth’s currently coming to know and love the wonderful world of freshly brewed coffee.  During our time in Leicester Laura has been working part-time as a teacher (in Hinckley), whilst also starting up a charity named Baby Basics Leicester which helps support new mums & families who are struggling to meet the financial & practical burden of looking after a new baby(find out more about them here… 

    As we read the Parish Profile, visited and then came for interview we were excited by the desire present in St Martin’s & St Bart’s to come to know more and more what God is doing in Desford and Kirby Muxloe, and to then join in with Him in that.  As we had the opportunity to meet some of you, we were so very thankful for the warm welcome received.  Over these past few months I’m sure we’ve all been missing seeing friends and family, found certain challenges in adapting to a society affected by Coronavirus, and perhaps had opportunity to learn some new skills or patterns for living.  I have been encouraged, and indeed challenged by the words of God to ‘Be still, and know that I am God’ (Psalm 46).  I don’t know about you, but to me ‘being still’ is something that sounds ‘nice’ as a memory verse, however in reality is much more of a challenge and necessity. 

    If you read Psalm 46, you’ll very quickly see that the picture presented is not of a nice peaceful summer’s day with the psalmist laying back enjoying the warmth and quiet.  Rather it’s an experience of seismic shift, when their world is quaking.  Yet God who is our refuge and indeed strength, let us know that shelter, stillness, peace, and embrace are found as we recognised the nearness of God… ‘The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.’  This doesn’t necessarily make things easy, but it does assure us that whatever and wherever we find ourselves, God is near and will always draw us near.  
    God bless, we look forward to seeing you all soon.
    Gareth, Laura, Noah and Eli.

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    Online Service for Sunday 2nd August

    This weeks online service can be found bfollowing this link

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    Online Sunday Zoom Social at 11:30am
    for 30-45 minutes

    A chance to catch up informally and chat with people from St Martin’s and St Bart’s.

    Meeting ID: 886 3834 1733
    Password: 649832

    Rev Gareth Hutchinson
    Mobile: 07739585150

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    Online Weekly Monday Night Prayers

    From Monday 6th July we’re starting up weekly online evening prayers.  This will be from 7:30pm for 20-30 minutes. It’s a chance to come together to pray for our communities and for those further afield. Please do join Gareth and Rob as we gather to pray. This will be hosted on Zoom, which is a free videocall platform, so if you’ve not used Zoom before please do let Rob or Gareth know and they’ll be happy to offer some advice.
    These are the login details…

    Meeting ID: 881 9851 0430
    Password: eveprayers

    Rev. Rob Marsh 07557 536926

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    Parish News

    As we are unable to get the Parish News sent out to people in the usual way a copy can be
    found here free of charge for all on the link below.

    May Parish News

    June Parish News

    July Parish News

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    A Service of Welcome, Replay

    Just in case you missed it (around 100 watched) there is a recording of Gareth’s licensing If you want to see it again, from the outside, you can watch it back at:

     benefice YouTube channel

    The words interim priest is a legal thing as Gareth can’t be licensed as Rector unless he is in one of the churches, that will happen later in the year with a proper welcome.

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    St. Martin’s Opening

    I am sure you will be aware that the Government has announced churches can open for private prayer from today. However, there are strict guidelines and many obstacles in the way of opening our church in order to keep all who come to church safe.

    All church premises are different and re-opening not only depends on following the advice given by the Government and the Church of England, but also on assessed risk and the ability to manage the many precautions we will have to take.

    We are currently looking into all the procedures that have to be implemented but it may take some time until we are able to re-open St. Martin’s.
    In the meantime you are welcome to make use of the seats around the cedar-wood cross in the Churchyard for reflection and prayer providing the Government restrictions of no more than six people and social distancing are complied with.

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    New Internal Door

    Here is a photograph of the new internal church door,
    it will be having a St. Martin’s logo transfer put on it. The oak doors have been taken away for refurbishment and will be replacing the outer wire mesh monstrosities in 2 weeks.

    Thanks to Nev Hammonds for his hard work coordinating this project.





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    Church Garden for Private Prayer

    In this nice weather the church green is available for private prayer.
    Remember "Keep Your Distance" (chairs are set out that way.)
    The church as yet is not available for private prayer or worship.

    Watch this space..

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    Users of the Church Hall 2020

    Pre Diabetic Clinic every Monday 9am – 1.30pm (except bank hols)
    Table Tennis – January 6TH – March 30th 7.00pm – 10.00pm

    Coffee & Chat: weekly 10.30am – 12 noon
    Lunches: 2nd Tuesday in month 12.30 – 2.00pm 
    Loving Hands: 4th Tuesday 1pm – 4pm

    Rainbows (5 – 7 year olds) 4.45pm – 5.45pm term time
    Brownies (7 – 10 year olds) 6pm – 7.30pm term time
    Guides (10 – 14 year olds) 7.30pm – 9pm term time

    Ladies Group 2nd Wednesday 2.30pm – 5pm
    Rainbows (weekly Mums & Toddlers) 9.30am – 11.30am term time
    Living Sober 6pm

    Forget me Not - 3rd Thursday 10.30am – 12 noon
    Community House craft/cooking weekly 12noon – 3pm (term time)


    ccasional bookings for parties etc

    Messy Church: 4th Sunday in month 4pm 
    Awesome Youff in church 4pm

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    P.Stokes (Website Editor)


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    Safeguarding At
    St. Martin's

    If you have a safeguarding concern,
    then please contact our local Safeguarding Officer Kay Smith
    07928 657736.

    If you wish to speak to the
    Diocesan Safeguarding
    Team, or to someone outside the church, their contact details are
    available here