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    A Response to Brexit

    Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds and former vicar of Rothley blogs - and I quote the last part from

    No doubt, in the days, weeks and months ahead, there will plenty of “what if?” moments. But, those who voted to remain in the EU cannot simply sit sniping from the sidelines, suggesting that all consequences were predictable and that those who voted to leave the EU must take sole responsibility for what now follows. We are all responsible for taking responsibility and shaping what we want to become. Those of us who believed we should remain in the EU must not become victims.
    Reconciliation is a word that is easy to speak and hard to bring about. It cannot be enforced and it cannot be regarded as cheap and easy. Today we have a bitterly divided country, with fear and resentment bubbling on the surface and feeding on the uncertainty. The churches can provide space for those on both sides of the divide to recover the humanity of the public discourse, to recognise and articulate a common vision for the common good, to incarnate the sort of solidarity we cannot yet imagine.
    And we can pray: pray that, in the words of Paul to the Christians in Rome, all of us might be transformed by the renewing of our mind in order that we might together discern the good and perfect will of God for ourselves and his world.
    The work begins now. We have no idea where it will lead.
    But, then, we are no strangers to faith.

    Revd. Tom Ringland

    Beaufort Entertainers Supper Concert

    Thank you to everyone who supported our concert which made £482 for our Access for All project.
    A full report will appear shortly!

    Summer Fete 2016

    We spent all week looking at weather maps and on Saturday 12th June at 10am we were assured that there would not be any rain that day until 8pm

    So our band of volunteers helped transport tables, chairs and tent from the centre to church while others prepared lunches inside.

    When it was all nicely set up – it rained!

    Too late to do anything about it so we covered what we could with bin liners and waited for it to stop,  then wiped down tables and chairs and brought tablecloths in to dry, --  a good time to have lunch!

    By 2pm we were ready again and were pleased to see so many who came out to support our “Summer” fete.

    The children’s games of hook a duck, hoop – la, coconut shy, mugs of sweets, toy stall and a children’s trail went down very well – as did the ice cream!  Adults enjoyed what the various stalls had to offer or sat and enjoyed cream teas, wine, Pimms and hot dogs whilst listening to the Enderby band before wandering into the church to buy cakes.  Our friends from St Bartholomew’s ran a Fair Trade stall (raising about £100).

    We were entertained in a very professional way, firstly by The Theatre Workshop Display – did you see the children perform “A Chinese Tale”?  A very good use of choir white surplices we no longer use! They were joined by Repco a newly formed Repertory Company of year 7s from Desford.

    After another short shower and a short interval of band playing, saw the Linda Williams Dancers give another very polished performance.

    Thank you to all who helped take down the tent and transport various items back to the centre
    and those who served lunches and cream teas.

    Thank you if you provided prizes, baked and of course helped run the stalls.

    Despite the old drop of rain, the weather mostly held up to provide another community feel to our summer fete which raised £1,610 towards our church funds and it is all thanks to YOU.

    Archbishops call for “Great Wave of Prayer”

    for Evangelism during Pentecost


    The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are inviting churches to pray for the evangelisation of the nation during the week before Pentecost Sunday.

    Jesus Christ calls every person to follow him. As Christians it’s our duty and joy to share that invitation. That’s why the Archbishops are inviting every church in England to join a week of prayer this Pentecost from 8th-15th May let’s pray for every Christian to receive new confidence and joy in sharing this life-transforming faith.

    “At the heart of our prayers will be the words that Jesus himself taught us – “thy kingdom come, thy will be done.” It is impossible to overstate the life-transforming power of the Lord’s Prayer. It is  a prayer that is reassuring enough to be on the lips of the dying and yet dangerous enough to be banned in cinemas. It is famous enough to be spoken each day by billions in hundreds of languages and yet intimate enough to draw us ever closer into friendship with Jesus Christ. It is simple enough to be memorised by small children and yet profound enough to sustain a whole lifetime of prayer. When we pray it with sincerity and with joy, there is no imagining the new ways in which God can use his glory.”

    Check out the powerful videos on

    As a church at St. Martin’s Desford, let us join in this wave and continue it as part of our special year of prayer.

    Tea for The Queen

    After a hectic morning setting up, our helpers were pleased to join others for our usual monthly charity lunch (half the proceeds for our youth project and half for charities.)

    We then settled down and had a brilliant afternoon.  It was so lovely to see everyone enjoying a traditional community English event as many villagers turned up (some wearing crowns) with their picnics to celebrate our Queen’s 90th birthday.

    The children enjoyed making handicrafts and then joined with their parents / grandparents in various races.  Most people managed to have a go with Maypole dancing – expertly organised by Pat.

    Cream teas were on the menu as we sat and listened to the Enderby band who played in the sunshine and then completed the day for us with a “last night of the proms sing a long” with “Jerusalem”, “Land of Hope & Glory”, Rule Britannia and finishing with the National Anthem.

    Some photo's from The Queen's Birthday Celebrations


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