Saturday 1st December 201800:00Advent calendars to go on display
10:0016th Christmas Tree Festival
14:00Visit Santa in his Grotto and workshop
14:00Christmas Market
19:30Beaufort Entertainers Festival Concert
Sunday 2nd December 201810:30C.W. Holy Communion
12:0016th Christmas Tree Festival
18:00Christmas Tree Festival Advent Spiral service
Monday 3rd December 201810:0016th Christmas Tree Festival
Tuesday 4th December 201819:30Advent bible study at Desford Free Church
Wednesday 5th December 201809:30clean all areas above the chancel steps
Thursday 6th December 201814:00Bosworth Academy rehearsal
18:00Choir practice
Sunday 9th December 201808:00BCP Holy Communion
10:30Celebrate Together. 45 min service for all ages
Tuesday 11th December 201809:30Primary school rehearsal
12:30Tuesday lunches in centre
19:30Advent bible study in church
Wednesday 12th December 201816:00Topsham Day Nursery service
18:30Salt Mines panto at DFC -
Thursday 13th December 201808:45Bosworth Academy in church
12:15Elec smart meter power 20 mins
18:00Choir practice
Friday 14th December 201809:45Bosworth Academy in church
14:30Burrswood Fellowship in church
Sunday 16th December 201810:30C.W. Holy Communion
19:30for info - Centre Stage Production in village hall
Monday 17th December 201819:00Sing Christmas Botcheston Village Hall
Tuesday 18th December 201813:30Primary school visit
18:30Primary school visit
19:30Advent bible study at Desford Free Church
Wednesday 19th December 201809:30clean areas above the chancel steps
13:30Primary schools visit
18:30Primary school visit
Thursday 20th December 201810:30Forget me Not meet in church centre
18:00Choir practice
Sunday 23rd December 201808:00BCP Holy Communion
10:30Morning Prayer and Baptism Service
18:00Traditional Carol Service
Monday 24th December 201818:00Christingle Service in aid of the Childrens Society
23:30Midnight Communion
Tuesday 25th December 2018 Christmas Day
08:00BCP Holy Communion
10:30Family Service with Communion
Sunday 30th December 201810:30C.W. Holy Communion joint service at St Barts
Monday 31st December 2018 New Years Eve